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HONGKONG V&K INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is committed to silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials, chemical additives and other high-tech product research , development, production, sales and service.The company has its own development and application of organic silicon laboratories, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of domestic factories, and purchased high-end testing instruments and experimental equipment to strictly control the quality of products.

The company's silane coupling agent products include amino silane, epoxy silane, vinyl silane, methacrylate silane, chloro silane, mercaptosilanes, phenyl silane, isocyanoto silane, oxidium-based silane, fluorosilane etc more than 80 product varieties. Titanate coupling agent products include n-propyl titanate, isopropyl titanate, n-butyl titanate, octyl titanate, ethyl titanate etc more than 30 product varieties . At the same time, the company's products also include all kinds of silicone oil, pharmaceutical intermediates, water-based oil coating auxiliaries.

HONGKONG V&K INTERNATIONAL LIMILED Product application involve chemical, construction, textile, paint coating, electronic, printing ink, plastic, rubber and other fields. Products exported to Italy, Germany, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Japan, India etc.

The company pursues the concept of "people-oriented, honest management" and the service attitude of "Profession,  Concentration, Focus" , and provides customers with high-quality products and efficient services. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry.